Wednesday, September 11, 2013

D&D 30 Days Challenge Day 11 – Favorite Adventure I Have Ran

I usually run adventures I’ve written myself, like Three Sad Wizards, but less eleborate.

However, for my Al-Qadim campaign I ran published adventures only. And my favorite among them was ‘In the City of Brass’ from the Secrets of the Lamp sourcebox by Wolfgang Bauer. It’s a 2nd Edition module, and it has the same flaws as most 2E adventures: it shows no understanding of what DM and players actually do at the table, and it assumes a sequence of events that almost certainly will be disrupted by the very first logical action the PCs take.

So why do I like this adventure? Well, for one thing, it takes place in the City of Brass. The TSR version of the city is pretty good, and gives exactly what you want from the place: fields of molten lave, golden towers of the azers, salamander slaves, and the palaces of the Efreeti.

Secondly, even if the plot is abandoned the minute the PCs arrive in the city, the adventure describes many locations and encounters that can be used right out of the book: an Efreet palazzo, complete with all the guards and treasures to be had, many encounters for characters roaming the streets, and captain Soot, who sails his ship between worlds and is a good candidate for favorite NPC.

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