Monday, September 23, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 23 – Least Favorite Monster Overall

I’ve said I dislike dragons. But I dislike dragonborn even more. I hate them.

Excuse me for ranting a bit.

To me, they personify lack of imagination and making everything boring that was cool. They make the fantastical outright mundane, and that’s never a good thing. The existence of dragonborn severely undermines the mythology of dragons. Apparently, WotC wants to make dragons truly legendary. Well, if people see dragon creatures in the streets every day,  that just isn’t going to work.

Dragonmen were around in the game before 4E. In order of most interesting to least: Dragonlance had draconians, born out of corrupted eggs stolen from metallic dragons. There were different kinds of draconians, and they were pretty cool. For example, the Aurak draconian would explode when it reached 0 hp, and another one turned to stone, trapping his attacker’s sword. Dark Sun had the Dray, a race created by an undead dragon king, and the Forgotten Realms had Dragonkin, barbarian dragonmen under the control of the Cult of the Dragon.

So it might have been a good idea for 4E to combine them into one dragonkin race. But did the designers make them barbarians created by an undead dragon king, born from corrupted dragon eggs who explode upon death? No, they made them boring paladins.

I hate dragonborn.

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