Tuesday, September 10, 2013

D&D 30 Days Challenge: Day 10 – Craziest Thing That’s Happened That I Saw to a Party/Character/My Players, Etc.

When in the Banewarrens, the party was caught in a teleportation trap, that teleported everybody in the room to a pit trap, doing 10d6 of damage. We barely survived, and after we were healed, a new problem arose. The Pactlords of the Quaan, an organization of weird monsters, had sent a dearch party, existing of a mind flayer, an ogre mage, a hieractosphinx, an ettercap, and a monstrous spider.

With most of our hit points lost in the trap, we were hardly in a state to fight. However, the Pactlords closed off the way back. We retreated, and decided to use the teleportation trap to teleport behind them. Now we knew what was waiting for us, we could activate our spells and magical items to walk into the trap with minimal damage. So we activated the trap, teleported to a good distance from the monsters, and fled.

I don’t know if it’s the craziest thing ever, but I think using a trap to escape monsters is pretty unusual.

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