Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Moons of Anderove

The grey moon Seralin is one of 66 moons circling the gas giant Anderove. Seralin is about half the size of Earth, but has about double the density and the same gravity.
According to the astrolosophers of the Luminous Sphere, only four of Anderove’s moons are able to support natural life. Besides Seralin, those “living moons” are: the white moon Belewana, the red moon Vermelhina, and the black moon Chernaja. Only Seralin contains intelligent life.
High-level mages travel between the moons in the same way they travel the planes in other worlds, and have done so for many aeons. Many mages have build strongholds and secret gardens on the moons. As a result, many of the so-called “lifeless moons” are anything but lifeless, and strange new species have evolved.
King Heremod IVCXXVII, also known as the Mad Philosopher King, claims he visited 6 unknown, invisible moons, where terrifying inhuman creatures live in gargantuan arcologies made of black stone.  However, the Mad Philosopher King claims a lot of things, and the astrolosophers cannot find any evidence in their calculations about their existence.

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