Sunday, March 11, 2012

Castle Verge: dungeon level 1

I tried to build this level around circular routes, and to provide easy access to deeper levels of the dungeon. The stairs in #1, #5, #6 behind #11 are entrances leading up to the surface. The stairs in room #87, hidden behind several secret doors, leads to a smaller sublevel. The chasm is a large vertical sublevel in itself, and PCs can take the stairs at #13 to reach the lower levels of the dungeon, as well as some very, very dangerous treasure vaults. All other stairs lead to levels 2 or 3.

The well on the surface level connects to #29. The cliff/waterfall at #36 leads to level 2, but is also connected to a smaller cave complex leading to the surface and inhabited by morlocks. It could be used as another entrance to level 1, if the PCs enter the caves and climb up to #36.

The whole area east of #12 was built by the original inhabitants to control access into and out of the dungeon. Now it's occupied by kobolds, and I'm kind of hoping players will find the entrance south of #9 first, and approach the bridge at #12 from the east. Kobolds behind the arrow slits at #11 will prove interesting, I think.
Except for the kobolds, I really don’t know anything about the monsters on this level. The southern part exists of catacombs and tombs, but filling the area with undead seems a bit boring...


  1. Perhaps the catacombs are occupied by a tribe that maintains fake undead to scare the other monsters (and adventurers) away.

    I like the approach of making the upper works more detailed.

    Looking forward to seeing more levels.

  2. I decided to put some undead in there anyway. I don't like that it's what the players expect, but it gives the cleric a chance to shine, and that's good.
    I like your idea about fake undead, though, and maybe I will use it somewhere else.

    I detailed the surface levels because I wanted to give low-level PCs more options. After all, higher-level PCs often have the choice of adventuring on more levels, as well as having the option to do wilderness exploration (which can be difficult for low-level characters).

    I'm mapping dungeon level 2, as well as stocking the castle. I'll post when I have more.