Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Magic Items from ‘Three Sad Wizards’

Since I'm busy finishing my adventure Three Sad Wizards, a bit of a lazy post. Here's the new magic items that can be found in the module:

Badger Cloak: When worn, this cloak changes the wearer into a badger. A human-sized person turns into a giant badger, while smaller creatures like dwarves and halflings become normal badgers. Except for the duration, this transformation works the same as the polymorph self  spell.

Ioun Crown: When this ornate golden crown is put on, it floats about a foot above the head of the wearer. It immediately changes the alignment of the being that it’s placed on to Chaotic. The crown cannot be removed except by the spell remove curse.
The wearer of the crown gains a +1 to Int, Wis and Cha abilities. However, he will feel a terrible hunger. As long as he wears the crown, he should eat at least three times the amount of food as normal, or else he will lose 1d4 Con until he eats enough. However, eating this much has its effect, and after a month the wearer starts losing Str and Dex, at a rate of 1 point every two weeks.

Slumbering Candles: When lit, this candle smokes excessively. Anyone standing within 30 feet of the candle inhaling the smoke must save vs. spell or fall into a deep sleep. Victims stay asleep until the candle is extinguished.

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