Saturday, May 12, 2012


Requirements: INT 9
Ability Modifiers: DEX +1, INT +1, CON -1
Paragons are advanced humans, reincarnated closer to nirvana as a reward of following their dharma in previous lives. They are slender and graceful, and stand between 6½ and 7½ feet tall. Paragons are very diverse in appearance, much like humans, and are often very beautiful in an unearthly, unsettling way.  They typically weigh about 120 pounds and are between 5 and 5 ½ feet tall.
Paragons have infravision of 60 feet, and their unnatural hearing and keen alertness grant a +1 to all surprise checks. Their great intellect gives them access to a number of special mental abilities. Paragons can communicate telepathically at will with any intelligent being within 20’ radius, can cast ESP once a day and can cast mind blank once a week. They get a +2 saving throw bonus against charm, fear, emotion, and domination type spells and psionics.
They can speak their alignment language and common. Because of their telepathic ability, they often don’t bother to learn any other languages.
Paragons may select from all available classes, with a level limit of 10.
Paragon thieves receive the following bonuses and penalties to thief abilities:
Pick Locks
Pick Pockets
Move Silently
Hide in Shadows
Hear Noise

*Paragons receive a better dice range for hearing noises. For example, 1st level paragon thieves hear noises on a 1-3, and at 9th level it is 1-5. Hear noise may never be better than 1-5.


  1. Do Paragons live in groups or are they solitary? Are they born to 'normal' parents?
    Even if they live apart do they know of each other somehow (telepathic or otherwise)?
    If they are anomalies among regular humans that just crop up now and then I'd think they'd face all sorts of fear/prejudice and might have to hide their true nature... or disguise it as something else.
    They make me think a bit of low level angels or maybe Nephilim. A halfway point between humans and... something else. Like those weird children in Village Of The Damned... but not as scary... maybe.

    1. They could be either a seperate species, or a X-men-like "next step in human evolution", depending on the campaignworld.

      In the Weird Opera world they're a true-breeding race, and are the ruling class in a nation of slavers. I'll post a description of that country soon, but first wanted to establish what paragons are.

      I actually considered calling them Nephilim, but decided against it because I like Nephilim as scary, biblical giants.