Friday, May 18, 2012

The Paragon Colonies

Description: In the southwestern wilderness of the tropical peninsula lie the independent city-states known collectively as the Paragon Colonies. They were founded in a period about 1000 - 1200 years ago by colonists (some say, criminals) from Pretomournon and Woulph. Around 800 years ago, paragons claiming to be the reincarnations of the original founders started to arrive. After hypnosis and magic confirmed their claims, they quickly took control of the city’s ruling families. In less than two centuries, every one of the eight cities was under the power of paragons.
Asuras is a decadent city of hedonists. Breathing is most famous for its plantations. Its major exports are coffee and tobacco. Godsgrace was built around an ancient tower only paragons are allowed to enter.  Everlost is the shadow of a city existing in another reality. It only enters Seralin when its Emir wills it. Illuminate is ruled by the bodhisattva Julemorus, who has reached enlightenment but chose to stay on the material plane to guide his people. Refuge is a city of thieves, criminals, murderers, whores, poisoners, slavers and politicians. Southpoint is the most southern city on the continent, famous for the beautiful orchids it grows. Vulture is also known as the “city of alchemists.” It is build upon an ancient dungeon of unknown origin. It is said deep below the city there’s a time portal that transports the user to an aeon of long ago.
The peninsula jungle is hot, wet, and dangerous. Many species of spiders and snakes, all lethally poisonous, can be found in the jungle, and bigger predators like tigers, dinosaurs and manticores also dwell here. Numerous tribes, all independent with their own laws and customs, make their home in the deadly jungle. Although the jungle tribes have a reputation for hostility and violence, they are actually peaceful hunter-gatherers. Disputes between different tribes are resolved in ritual combat without bloodshed.
Ruler: Although the colonies form a very loose alliance, every city is ruled independently and has its own prince, emir, lord mayor or patriarch. The paragon families of the cities plot against one another constantly.
Population: Society in the Paragon Colonies is heavily stratified. All paragons in the cities are automatically part of the noble class. Below the nobles are citizens, those wealthy human merchants and that are allowed to own property, including slaves. Individuals belonging to the freemen class may not own property but are allowed to rent it from those who do. Inhabitants of the small villages providing food to the cities are usually freemen. On the lowest rung of society’s ladder are the slaves. More than half of each city’s population consists of slaves. Many slaves are taken in slave raids on villages of the native jungle tribes, but white slaves, pigs and Neanderthals are imported from the north.
The Paragons follow the philosophy known as The Path of the Self. It teaches individuals to strive to be better than his peers. Followers of the Path are often selfish and cruel, and only work for personal gain.


  1. That's an intriguing, if creepy concept - coup via reincarnation? Surely a recipe for severely screwed-up societies. Love it!

    1. Thanks! To make it even more creepy, paragons are mind-readers.