Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spells of the Identity Mage

Dr. Stirma Dijke is a research scientist working at the College for Psychology and Philosophy of Pretomournon University. Her specialty is identity,  especially it’s changeability and instability. She conducts horrible experiments in which she regularly wipes subjects’ memories, forces new identities upon them, and generally makes them ripe for the asylum. Here’s two of the spells she uses.

Change Identity

Level: Magic-user 5
Duration: Permanent
Range:  25 ft. +5 ft./2 levels

The change identity spell lets a mage change a single other person’s unique sense of self. It can fully change the mental make-up of a person: his mental abilities, his personality, his class, etc. Although it can change physical attributes like the character’s race and sex, it’s a mental change, For example, a male human who’s changed into a female dwarf sees and feels female and dwarf in all respects, but she still looks exactly the same as before.

For every level the caster has above 6th, he may change one of the following things. So a 9th-level mage may change three things, a 10th-level mage may change four things, etc.

-          The victim’s Intelligence score. Re-roll with 3d6.
-          The victim’s Wisdom score. Re-roll with 3d6.
-          The victim’s Charisma score. Re-roll with 3d6.
-          The victim’s class. The caster picks the new class. The victim stays the same level as before.
-          The victim’s race. The caster picks the new race. This is a mental change only.
-          The victim’s sex. The victim becomes a member of the opposite sex. This is a mental change only.
-          The victim’s sexual identity.


Level: Magic-user 6
Duration: Variable
Range: 0

This spell makes all people in the world forget who the caster is. For the duration of the spell, not even his best friends will recognize him. He will be a complete stranger, although some people may think he looks a bit familiar. When the caster tells a person who he really is (“It’s me… Argus.”), that person will suddenly see who he really is.

To determine the precise duration and effect of the incognito spell, the caster makes a Charisma check. Because characters with higher Charisma are more memorable, it’s better to fail this check than it is to succeed with it.

Normally, the magic of the spell keeps working after the spell duration has ended: people who meet the caster while the spell is in effect will keep on remembering the stranger. However, on a very successful Charisma check they will retroactively remember his true identity.

Cha check
1 week
Caster is completely forgotten
Succeeds within 5 points of Cha score
2 days
Caster is forgotten, but some may wonder why he looks familiar
Succeeds with more than 5 points lower than Cha score
1 day
Caster is forgotten, some may wonder why he looks familiar, and he will retroactively be remembered after the duration has passed.


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