Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Description: Miles of the Necharan coast six rusty iron fortresses rise up from the waters of the Heart Sea.  These large strongholds guard the great elevators that give access to the underwater cities of Subagua.

The six cities were built in ancient times, but it is unclear who built them. Some say they were surface cities that sunk into the waves during the Great Deluge. Others claim they were built by an unknown species of aquatic fairies. Now, the Subaguan cities are primarily inhabited by humans, who live in artificial air pockets created by noisy machines of massive size and made of stone. Whole districts are completely submerged, and are home to sea devils (sahuagin), haimaidens (shark mermaids), weeds (aquatic botanoids) and other intelligent water breathing species.
Ruler: The cities of Subagua are dictatorships, ruled by the members of the Unbreathing Court. Court members travel between the cities without an established schedule, ruling a city for an unpredictable time before leaving for another. Sometimes two or more Unbreathing are in the same city at the same time, and they either work together, or start a small scale civil war. Although the court doesn’t really have a leader as such, most Unbreathing obey Ayafun the sea witch, a shape shifting creature of unknown origin, often appearing as a beautiful maiden or a terrifying squid-like monster.

Population: The inhabitants of Subagua react to the chaotic, ever-shifting rule of the Unbreathing by living their lives as rigidly structured as possible. Every Subaguan carries with him a calendar and a day planner, which are consulted multiple times a day. A common joke about Subaguans says they even schedule the times they consult their schedules.
All Subaguans have pale skin, often with small fish scales on their hands and feet. Relationships between the human and non-human populations are good, and half-breeds are common. They have developed a bizarre religion around the act of drowning. They believe water is the same substance spirits are made of, and the sea consists of all souls that died or will be born. Sea priests regularly drown in religious rituals, trying to gain visions of the future by staying under water for the longest possible time.

Cascade: In Subagua, Cascade is known as the seventh city. It isn’t connected to the surface by elevator as the other cities are, and its ruler isn’t part of the Unbreathing Court. Cascade is the home base of the dreaded submarine pirates who regularly attack ships on the surface and raid the coastal cities of Necharan and Terre Sainte.