Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spelldancers: Multiple Dancers and Spell List

The comments on my spelldancer class inspired me to cook up some more rules for the class, as well as a spell list that includes some cleric and illusionist spells. Thanks to Knobgobbler and Jacome!
Multiple Dancers: Spelldancers can work together with other dancers to boost the spell being cast. These dancers do not have to be spelldancers themselves, but they must have at least some performance ability as well. By channeling the combined energies of the dancers into the casting of a single spell, the spelldancer can often accomplish magic that is beyond her alone. For every 4 dancers beyond the spelldancer herself, the spelldancer can modify the spell in one of the following ways. In very large groups of dancers, more than one may be chosen, but each can only modify a single spell once. For example, when dancing in a group of 10, the spelldancer can enlarge the range and extend the duration, but she cannot enlarge the range twice.
·         Empower Effect: All variable, numeric effects of the spell are increased by one-half. Saving throws are not affected, nor are spells without random variables.
·         Enlarge Range: The range of the spell is increased by 100%.
·         Extend Duration: The spell lasts twice as long as normal.
·         Heighten Level: The effective level of the spelldancer is increased by +2. All effects of the spell dependent on the level of the caster (such as the total number of HD affected by a mass charm) are calculated according to the heightened level. This has no effect on the Dexterity check made to see if the casting succeeds.

Spelldancer Spell List


1.       Allure
2.       Charm Person
3.       Dancing Lights
4.       Hypnotism
5.       Jump
6.       Manipulate Fire
7.       Protection from Evil
8.       Remove Fear
9.       Shield
10.    Sleep


1.       Augury
2.       Bless
3.       Blindness
4.       Blur
5.       Fog Cloud
6.       Hypnotic Pattern
7.       Mirror Image
8.       Reveal Charm
9.       Scare
10.    Snake Charm


1.       Call Lightning
2.       Cure Blindness
3.       Cure Disease
4.       Hold Person
5.       Insect Swarm
6.       Paralyze
7.       Protection from Evil 10’ radius
8.       Protection from Fire
9.       Protection from Normal Missiles
10.    Remove Curse (reversible)


1.       Charm Monster
2.       Confusion
3.       Dimension Door
4.       Exorcise
5.       Fire Shield
6.       Fear
7.       Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser
8.       Ice Storm
9.       Implant Emotion


1.       Confusion, Greater
2.       Contact Other Plane
3.       Control Winds
4.       Cloudkill
5.       Feeblemind
6.       Hold Monster
7.       Plane Shift
8.       Teleport


1.       Anti-Magic Shell
2.       Conjure Fire Elemental
3.       Control Weather
4.       Globe of Invulnerability
5.       Heal
6.       Lower Water
7.       Project Image
8.       Stone to Flesh


1.       Conjure Earth Elemental
2.       Control Weather (Greater)
3.       Fire Storm
4.       Power Word Stun
5.       Prismatic Wall
6.       Restoration
7.       Summon Demon
8.       Vision


1.       Incendiary Cloud
2.       Irresistible Dance
3.       Mass Charm
4.       Power Word Blind
5.       Spell Resistance


1.       Astral Projection
2.       Gate
3.       Power Word Kill
4.       Prismatic Sphere
5.       Time Stop


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